Sunday, September 25, 2016

Assignment 2- Product Summary Draft 1

According to Pearl Rear Vision's website "" , Pearl Rear Vision is a solar powered backup camera for cars which provides the driver with extensive vision of the car’s surroundings. With state-of-the-art image processing of “high dynamic range scenes”, the rearview screen is viewable under direct sunlight while the dark mode enables visibility in inferior light situation. It has a caution system which provides the driver with auricular and visional caution when there are obstructions to the lane caused by incoming traffic. The caution may be in the form of a motion of waves or intonation which becomes firmer as obstacles are in closer proximity. Not only can the rear view camera be readily installed on the car’s number plate, it is theft proof and uses your phone via the Pearl app as your rearview screen.

Therefore, while there are many similar products in the market, I personally feel that Pearl Rear Vision is a useful product that can stand out from its competitors as it provides many unique functionalities.

One of such functionality is the ability of the drivers to use their mobile phones to control the view of the camera. On the contrary, Pearl Rear Vision’s competitor, Garmin, has a similar product "Garmin BC 30", that provides identical offerings such as the visibility of incoming traffic to avoid accidents. However, it required the driver to purchase an additional portable navigator to synchronize with the camera to view the footage. Therefore, I feel that Pearl Rear Vision provides greater convenience for the driver as they can simply use their phone as the navigator instead of purchasing one which sets them apart from their competitor’s product like "Garmin BC 30".

Another functionality would be the caution system that becomes firmer when obstacles are in closer proximity. This can help to alert the driver to obstacles and minimize the risk of potential accidents. In contrast, according to Garmin's website, "Garmin BC 30" does not comes with an alert system which I feel is an important function for a rearview camera.

It conclusion, I feel that Pearl Rear vision is a useful product as it provides convenience for the users such as easy setup, an alert system as well as the pairing of the driver’s mobile phone with the camera. With this, it helps to prevent and minimize road accidents which is the purpose of the rearview camera. 

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