Thursday, December 1, 2016


As the technical communication lessons are coming to an end, I reflect on what I have learnt so far. During the twenty hours of communication lessons, I have undertook various assignments and learnt many important writing and presentation skills. While twenty hours of technical communication lessons is insufficient, I have learnt important writing skills such as how to write a formal email, a good product description, how to convince the reader with a persuasive technical proposal report as well as presentation skills to persuasively pitch a product.

Through lessons, I got the opportunity to mix around with my classmates and work with different groups of people. This definitely helped me to get to know my classmates better as well as to adapt to the working style of different people. I had fun learning and interacting with my lecturer and classmates during these 20 hours of lessons.

Out of all the activities and assignment, I enjoyed the sales pitch activity conducted in class the most as I got to interact and learnt from my classmates. Through the various feedback given by my peers and lecturer, I can further improve on my presentation skills. While I enjoyed the sales pitch activity the most, I also find that it is the most challenging task. Doing a good sales pitch that can capture the audience’s attention and persuasively pitch a product in just 10 minutes is very challenging. However, I believe that the learning outcomes of this activity will definitely come in handy in the future.

Through the final presentation on our technical report, I have received many constructive
feedback from my peers and lecturer. I will work on my mistake and improve on my strengths such that I can become a more interactive and natural presenter in the future. My biggest flaw in presenting has always been my pace in speaking. When I get nervous during a presentation, I tend to speak faster and stutter a lot. I believe that with practice, I can gain confidence and present with confidence.

Overall, the technical communication lessons had been fun and enriching. There are many valuable takeaways from this module such as the practice of good writing and presentation skills. 

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  1. Thanks so much, Jamie, for this heart-felt, detailed analytical post. I'm glad you could go find so many positives in our short module. It's also interesting that you point out the pitch in particular. I realize that doing a pitch can be very stressful, but you seem to have handled it well.

    I really appreciate all your fine effort this term. Best of luck in your future!